Thanks for joining us at our MTM Summit!


We’re extremely pleased with the outcome of this year’s MTM Summit! Thank you to all who joined us. Hopefully you enjoyed networking and expanding your knowledge with fellow agents, carriers, and Ritter staff. If you were unable to attend, luckily, you won’t miss out on the valuable ancillary health insurance insights shared!

Relive the Event

We recorded the panel discussions, which featured some of the industry’s top professionals. Review the MTM Summit’s vital insurance sales and marketing info any time you want by watching the recordings below!

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Key Marketing Takeaways

Along with the fantastic ancillary health and life insurance info shared at this event, we had an esteemed panel of marketing professionals take the stage to discuss the importance of marketing your business. Below, we’ve highlighted snippets from this session that you can take with you and implement into your marketing strategy!

1. Getting a Google Business Site

Every agent should have an online presence, whether that be through social media, like Facebook, or via a website. A Google listing is part of the basics of a digital presence, and a Google business account is the way to go to accomplish more localized search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, Google reviews are a main source of info for consumers. If they’re searching for you on the web, they’re going to check out your reviews and ratings and see if you have a Facebook page. Maintaining a consistent presence online is important, as it keeps you in front of consumers. It can also give them a feel for who you are and your business’ branding.

2. Hosting Powerful Seminars

Agents who can educate their clients and community are going to make it the long run. The best way to accomplish this is by hosting webinars and seminars. Being able to share what you know, and how well you know it, with confidence to a group of people will make you stand out. Consumers are going to need guidance now more than ever, and seminars are the most effective way you can get in front of a large group at one time. Our partner, LeadingResponse specializes in seminar marketing and can help get you started today!

3. Marketing through Touchpoints

It’s imperative for agents to consistently reach out to their clients and develop a steady system of touchpoints. A secret from this panel discussion: connect with your clients more than you already are! Whether it be through a magazine from ReminderMedia, posting on social media, check-in phone calls, or email marketing. A helpful tip for making this task easier is acquiring a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) system. The goal is to connect with your clients at the frequency they want to be connected with, have high impact, and develop trust to turn them into a raving fan for your business.

Final Steps

We hope you enjoyed our event and are already implementing these new ways to elevate your business. We’d love to hear from you and see you later this summer!